Sustainable development analysis tool

From: Public Services and Procurement Canada

Designed for managers responsible for the environmental remediation of federal contaminated sites, the Sustainable development (SD) analysis tool provides a way to evaluate various environmental decontamination options.

In six stages, you will perform an evaluation that will enable you to:

  • identify and understand the various environmental, social and economic factors and their interactions, which can affect the success of a remediation option
  • make an informed decision about the type of technology that you should use to decontaminate federal sites, while enhancing the beneficial aspects and mitigating the adverse impacts

Based on various SD criteria, this interactive analysis grid enables you to independently calculate effectiveness for each of the environmental, social and economic dimensions.

Since the SD analysis tool covers several issues related to site conditions, it is important that the evaluation be carried out by an evaluator who has a good knowledge of the environmental, social and economic issues.

Once the evaluation has been completed, it must be verified or approved for quality control purposes by a person who has a good knowledge of the site.


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  • To avoid losing data, it is recommended that you save periodically
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  • You must use the tool’s navigation buttons, not those of the browser

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